‘B*tch Got Audacity’ – Cam’Ron Goes OFF On Kim Kardashian Trolling Kendall Jenner’s NBA Dating History

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Cam’Ron didn’t hold back his feelings when speaking on Kim Kardashian trolling her sister.

Quick backstory, earlier this month, the SKIMS founder poked fun at her sister, Kendall by wearing a T-shirt with all of the NBA players Kendall dated. The trolling moment appeared during a trailer for Season 3 of The Kardashians.

Fast forward to now, during an episode of It Is What It Is, Cam’ron reacted to the “starting five” shirt. He said, “I think the b*tch got a lot of f*cking audacity.” Then the Dipset rapper brings up Kim’s sex tape with Ray J. Cam went on to say, that Kendall “learned from” Kim. Cam went on to mention the men Kim dated, like Reggie Bush, Kanye and Pete Davidson. 

Take a look:

Social media users had mixed reactions. One person commented, “why is everybody so but hurt about that shirt? I’m almost positive it’s a joke between them. I highly doubt Kendall gives a f*ck. Everybody is so sensitive these days!” Another person said, “The delivery is all wrong,” and someone else backed them up and wrote, “I hate when men comment on women, so sassy.” 

If you’re wondering why Kim and Ray J’s sex tape is randomly popping up on your Twitter feed, Cam’s recent comments could be why. 

Thoughts on Cam’s comments?