Busta Rhymes Reportedly ‘Hauled Off’ British Airlines Flight + Escorted By Cops! 

Busta Rhymes

Photo credit – Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Pandora/GettyImages

Busta Rhymes did not have a good flying experience in London.

Reported on Daily Mail, the rapper was “hauled off” a British Airwaves flight when it landed in London. He supposedly got into a “row with a passenger in first class,” the article reports. 

Apparently, Busta boarded the flight late and had about five bags in his hand. When he got on the plane, there was no space in the overhead bins but he asked passengers who put their bags in “his section.”

The article says that’s when Busta became “aggressive,” and the woman’s husband stepped in to defuse the situation. Busta supposedly implied to the man that they could fight if he wants. 

The captain had to step in and ask the passengers if they could be cordial. Although the rest of the flight was peaceful, Busta was greeted by London police but wasn’t arrested and performed later that night.

Busta isn’t sweating the situation. Take a look:

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