Busta Rhymes Responds To 50 Cent’s Reaction To ‘Inappropriate’ Tour Footage

50 Cent has some words after Busta Rhymes’ most recent performance goes viral.

In a viral video, Busta Rhymes shows off his what fans deem “inappropriate” dance moves. 59 Cent reacted to the video via Instagram. He writes, “BUSTA stole this move from me, I use to do this to magic stick 10 years ago.

The post commented, “LOL Now it just feels dirty, inappropriate unnecessary LMAO this is giving, your old uncle at the barbecue that won’t go sit down vibes right !”

Busta Rhymes caught wind of 50 Cent’s comments and reacted via Instagram as well. He simply commented a series of laughing emojis.

Take a look below.