Busta Rhymes Says Going On Tour With 50 Cent Made Him Sexy

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Busta Rhymes revealed that he lost 37 pounds while opening up for 50 Cent on “The Final Lap Tour.”

“I’m sexy. lost 37 pounds on that fuckin’ tour. I wasn’t asking if y’all thought I was sexy or not, I just wanted you muthaf**kas to understand I’m sexy, period,” the New York rapper said at a recent event to promote his new album Blockbusta.

In related news, earlier this month, Busta Rhymes brought Missy Elliot to tears with a heartfelt message that celebrated her recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. “This is an appreciation post, a congratulatory post and an incredible acknowledgment and I think is absolutely necessary to be made right now. I had to make the time to really big up my sister Missy Misdemeanor Elliott,” he said in a video posted to Instagram. “You are brilliant, you are an icon, you are a source of one of my greatest inspirations. It’s beautiful that you have pulled from me as a source for great inspiration as well. We pull from each other so much that’s why we call each other twin. There ain’t enough words that could truly describe how proud of you I am. How happy for you I am.” Check out the full post below.