Busta Rhymes Throws Drink At Woman Who Grabs His Butt

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In a video that went viral on Tuesday (Feb. 14), Busta Rhymes is seen throwing a drink on a woman after she inappropriately grabbed his behind.

In the short clip, the “Touch It” rapper and his entourage can be seen walking through an unknown location. As bystanders begin to recognize Busta Rhymes, the woman is seen calmly walking up to him before extending her arm out to pinch his butt area.

The woman, who goes by Nikita Mathis, has responded to the incident. “I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly,” she told The Shade Room. “I was just happy to meet him and wanted a [picture]. [I’ve] been a long time fan. I admit I shouldn’t have [touched] him at all but he’s Busta. I felt like I could [have] possibly [gotten] a [picture].”

There were a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter. Some were quick to criticize the woman for her actions while others say Busta Rhymes went too far. “A lot of women feel like they have free range to grope and touch people simply because they’re women. Along with the fact that society has created this narrative that any sexual attention towards a man is welcomed and it’s not. Men get uncomfortable just like we do!” Ayethatsamber wrote.

“She lucky it was just a drink. People not in the mood to play all the time,” Prettiidenaii2u tweeted.

ShangJ1 said, “I understand, but he didn’t have to throw a drinker on her. She is just a fan that went too far but he should be [used] to it after all these [years]. Disrespecting a [black] woman not cool.”

“Don’t touch anyone without permission,” another Twitter user wrote.

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