Big Sean Reveals How He Really Feels About Kanye West, ‘He Aint Even Have To Do All That’

Recording artists Kanye West and Big Sean accept the Video with a Social Message award for 'One Man Can Change The World' onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Big Sean is opening up about Kanye West’s comments on Drink Champs.

During the show last month, Ye said singing Big Sean to G.O.O.D. Music was the “worst decision” he ever made. Kanye’s words ultimately hurt big Sean, and when the Don appeared on Drink Champs, he spoke on it.

At first, Big Sean took the comments as a joke. He explained later on; he took it personally. He said,

“At first, I thought it was hilarious. I thought the shit was funny. Then I took it [personally]. I took it [personally] because I’m the only artist [who] put out five albums under G.O.O.D. Music. Cudi left a long time ago, business-wise, you know what I’m saying?” He continued,

“They still cliqued up and linked up, right. So, I’m the only artist who put out five albums under G.O.O.D. Music. I’m the only artist who put out back to back to back No. 1s, platinum albums, double platinum albums.” Big Sean went on to say how being signed to Ye changed his life. 

“And by the way, being signed to Kanye is a golden opportunity. It’s something that…he changed my life and I love him for that. But every time Kanye has called on me, every single time, no matter what I was doing, within one day’s notice, I’m wherever he’s at, bro. Whether it’s to contribute to him in the studio, whether it’s to contribute a line, write a verse for him. He’d just take maybe parts of the verse, maybe the whole verse. Maybe just to help him with his vibe.” He continued,

“Wherever he’s at in the world, bro, I’ve traveled around the world for this man every time he’s called. And have done this and not asked for publishing a lot of the times. Why? Because he gave me a gold opportunity of signing to G.O.O.D. Music.”

Later in the conversation, Big Sean revealed Ye owes him $6 million. He said,

“My manager saw my record deal and said, ‘This is a sh*tty record deal.’ I would never say that, though. Why? It’s an opportunity and I can work myself out of anything…Jay Brown [from Roc Nation] said it was the worst deal he’s ever seen.” Sean added, 

“I had to spend my own money auditing my label, ’cause millions of dollars are missing and you can tell when millions of dollars are missing. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my label, thinking Universal owe me this money and the money had been paid to G.O.O.D Music.”

Sean also revealed after Ye appeared on the show and said the comments, he reached out to him to “begin healing.” According to Sean, Kanye said, “I want to meet with you and your mom to begin healing on both sides.” Sean revealed he has a love for Ye, but Sean also spoke about how he really feels. He said, 

“I love Kanye, bro. I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all these things. But I thought what he said was on some bitch-ass shit. And I thought that wasn’t godly. It was a personal attack for no reason, and he ain’t have to do all that.”

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