Cam’Ron Calls Out Cardi B: “You Dry Snitching Type S***!”

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Cam’Ron ain’t feeling Cardi’ B’s new freestyle and sends a few shots in her direction on Monday (March 4). The Harlem legend wrote a long caption in an Instagram post addressing the Bronx rap star. It reads:

“Yo @iamcardib this ain’t “BardiB” stand on them bars!! I followed you 10yrs ago cause u ain’t give a fuck!! Now you copping a plea!! Lol. How u “ain’t on no rich shit” and you RICH?  Fuck them people. U earned the right to wear what the fuck you want. I miss high bridge Cardi. Now u snitching on me 13yrs later? Glad we ain’t do no crime together J/k (a lil bit) love u sis. #staystrongTho #ThisIsntBxApproved lol.”

Cardi B made some remarks about fashion brand Coach in her new freestyle, which sparked Cam’Ron’s remarks. In “Like What,” Cardi raps, “Classy and a cunt/ Blocks and money getting spunt/ Like, like what?/ Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want.”

“Like What” is Cardi’s first new release in 2024 and the music video was directed by her husband Offset.

An old video of Cardi explaining that the line was inspired by Cam’ron’s similar diss on his 2011 track “Hey Muma” with Vado surfaced. On “Hey Muma,” Cam raps, “Yo, girl, get a notepad/ You ain’t got no swag/ And you so fine, it’s so sad/ Still riding coach, need a Coach bag/ Let me coach you, no coach tags/ Get rid of that Coach bag.”

“In 2011, everybody started getting rid of their Coach shit,” said Cardi in the old clip. “Honest truth, it was really because of Cam’ron.”

Killa Cam would use the video in his response on Instagram. Before calling out Cardi, Cam’Ron was releasing new music and freestyles as his new sports show with Mase receives high praise.