Cam’Ron Claps Back After Pusha T Mention’s Him In Jim Jones Diss

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Pusha T seemingly dropped some bars aimed at Jim Jones.

Pharrell Williams’ debuted his Louis Vuitton men’s line in Paris on Tuesday evening. While Pusha T was walking in the show, he debuted a new song from Clipse which seemingly took shots at rapper Jim Jones.

The song raps, “beware of my name, that there’s delegate/ You know I know where you’re delicate/ Crush you to pieces, I’ll hum a breath of it/ I will close your heaven for the hell of it/ You think it’d be valor amongst veterans/ I’m watching your fame escape relevance/ We all in a room but here’s the elephant/ You chasing a feature out of your element,” Pusha raps. “And those lab diamonds under inspection/ The question marks block your blessings/ It’s no tombstones in the desert/ I know by now you get the message.”

Cam’Ron claps back at Pusha T for mentioning him and Jim Jones old conflict. “Naaa Push!!! Me and capo definitely don’t be on the same page all the time. But I don’t go against the family (Harlem) don’t use no old problems we had to try and win a battle. Get in dat booth. U nice but @jimjonescapo got u on the ropes and u aint Ropa-doping!! And I don’t care if y’all put me in y’all bars I quit. I do sports..”