Cam’ron Details The Time He Got His Salad Tossed

Cam’ron and Ma$e have been consistently going viral for their stories and hot takes on their show, It Is What It Is. The most recent conversation between the two is already making its rounds and it definitely might not be what you expected from them.

On the latest episode, the two discussed “different [types of] Black women,” Cam’ron mentioned a time when he and Sukihana were hanging out and she played her song, Eating, which is about performing anilingus on a man.

“Let me tell you something about me real quick,” he said. “When it come to me, right, I’ll let you get in the gooch — that’s as far as you go. When I say the gooch, that’s under the balls; you can come under the balls. Don’t touch my asshole, yo, it don’t turn me on.”

He then went on to explain that when he was a teenager, he experimented with it and that’s how her learned that it isn’t for him.

He added,: “When a b*tch ate my ass, my legs wasn’t up and I was not on my knees — I did it for her.”