Cam’ron Goes OFF On Troll Who Said He Has ‘Old Head Swag’

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Cam’ron let a troll have it after she suggested that he had “old head swag.”

Cam posted a picture on Instagram rocking a Dipset brand sweatsuit with the matching kicks.

After the fan commented on his gear, in a since deleted comment, Cam’ shared his piece. He wrote, “Now u want a job [.] I’m on ya page swag is the last thing u should be talking bout. U WHOLE BUM hun,” he wrote. “And I’ma keep coming a that Lil ugly motherf*cker. U like it on my page. U still here. Ur welcome to stay. I’ll back wit after the game lol,” he added.

Aside from acting, rapping and setting the tone for many to follow after him- Cam’s contributions to fashion made just as big of an impact as the rest of his career.