Cam’ron Leaves New York Over “Disgusting” Rat Problem

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 20: Camron attends One Court Draft Week attends Players House Party at NBPA Headquarters on June 20, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Cam’ron has had enough of New York City’s infamous rat problem. The rapper, who grew up in the city, recently left after just a few hours due to the overwhelming number of vermin. In a social media video, he expressed his frustration, saying he’s “too old” to deal with an issue that has plagued the city for decades.

“I just left New York. That sht was disgusting,” he said while recording himself on a boat. “Out there for two and a half hours and I booked a flight. I can’t do this sht. I love this city. I’m coming back in the summer for about a week or two. I put my time in with them rats and roaches. They still haven’t fixed the rat problem. Still! I can’t do rats no more. I’m too old for rats. What I look like getting out my car with my feet jumping around, doing all this sht when I get out the car ’cause a rat is there. I’m sick of that sht. I’m not apologizing for it neither. I ain’t even gonna act like I’m sorry for it a little bit.”

Despite his deep-rooted love for New York, as evidenced by songs like “Welcome to New York City” and “Harlem Streets,” Cam’ron, who now lives in Las Vegas, is no longer a fan of the city’s vermin and sanitation issues. His recent departure from the city underscores his frustration.

Fans supported his decision, with one commenting, “I love NYC, but the n-gga ain’t wrong. And Cam feels this way as an actual New Yorker lmao.” Another fan noted, “I don’t blame him. Especially when you grew up around it and saw it all your life.” A third criticized the city for its failure to address the problem despite its wealth, saying, “I agree all this money the city making and still can’t find a solution to the problem.”

Recently, Cam’ron also went viral for his appearance on CNN to discuss Diddy’s legal drama. The interview took an unexpected turn when he started drinking his Pink Horse Power sexual stimulant, leading to an abrupt end to the segment. This incident has likely decreased the chances of Cam’ron appearing on CNN again anytime soon.