Cam’ron Says He’ll Never Hook Up With Erykah Badu; Here’s Why

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Cam’Ron says he will not be shooting his shot at Erykah Badu.

During a recent episode of his podcast,It Is What It Is, Cam says of Badu “she’s a homie too but I told n*ggas, ‘She can’t get nowhere near me with that p*ssy,’” he said.

“That shit she be doin’ to n-ggas is crazy. N-ggas be regular up until they fuck her. Then you start wearing turbans, yarmulkes, the tie-dye shirts. No, no, no! You got to chill.”

It’s no secret that Badu knows her power- during a previous episode of the Tamron Hall Show, she addressed the longstanding rumors that she has some sort of magical powers. “That’s why I try to wear a hat,” she joked. “‘Cause I don’t know what’s happening.”

She does make it clear that her powers don’t only apply to men. “Women too,” she continued, “and children and animals. Any living, breathing thing … I think it is indescribable, and the bedroom that’s not where you’re gonna find it because my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs it lies between my ears.”