Canelo Challenges Floyd Mayweather To A Rematch Of 2013 Fight

Mayweather and Canelo face off

(Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

EVERYBODY wants to fight Floyd Mayweather these days. Or does Floyd Mayweather want to fight anybody…who’s either washed up or in MMA these days we should say.

Either way, after beating GGG in an anticipated second fight, boxer Canelo Alvarez signed the biggest contract in the history of sports with a five year, $365 million deal with sports streaming service DAZN.

To celebrate the occasion, Canelo decided he wanted to go with what could be the biggest fight for himself. While talking to TMZ Sports, he challenged Mayweather to a rematch of their 2013 fight when he was a young star still looking to put his footing on the sport.

“He wants to continue hurting boxing by making fights that don’t make sense… and not giving boxing the credibility it deserves,” he said. “If he wants to return, I ask him to look my way to give a great fight to the fans. Let’s do the second fight. It’s very important. We have something pending there, so let’s make the second fight.”

So far this year Floyd Mayweather has declared a return to the ring, but his opponent is still unknown. We saw a very public challenge to Manny Pacquiao in one of the mos disappointing fights in recent history. He also recently called out UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov who recently beat Conor McGregor, and is considered one of the most dangerous fighters in MMA today.

Honestly, Canelo should first turn to a part three of the excited saga between himself and GGG, before going for the bag.

See some highlights from the first fight below.