Can’t Be Serious: Popeyes Employee Held At Gunpoint Over Sold Out Sandwich!

Popeyes store

Photo credit – Shutterstock/KenWolter

People are going crazy over these Popeyes chicken sandwiches. 

One customer crossed the line!

According to a report, a Popeyes employee in Houston was held at gunpoint when a consumer asked for the new chicken sandwich and was told that it was sold out. 

The Washington Post reports, “five adults with a baby headed to a Popeyes in Houston’s southeast at about 9 p.m. Monday to order chicken sandwiches at the drive-through, employees told ABC 13. Informed that item was unavailable, the group tried to enter the store, leaving the child in a car.”

Staff members were able to “lock the group out,” but one of the members pulled out a pistol and started demanding the sandwich. 

Luckily no one was hurt and the man ends up leaving in a blue SUV. According to Houston police, the man who pulled out the gun could face aggravated assault charges. Authorities say the suspect has dreadlocks, face tattoos and was wearing a black shirt with red sleeves.

The article also reports that last week, one consumer is suing for $5,000 Popeyes for running out of chicken, claiming they provided “false advertisement.” 

The food chain announced that the sandwich will be back, so everyone calm down!