Cardi B Announces New Limited-Edition Strawberry Whipshots For Valentine’s Day

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Today (Jan. 25), Cardi B and Starco Brands announced a new limited-edition strawberry flavored Whipshots just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Our fans have been begging us to drop Strawberry Whipshots since day one, and we’re going big with the launch of our most requested flavor,” Dave Dreyer, CMO of Starco Brands said in a press release. “From brand new flavors to nationwide partnerships, Whipshots is giving consumers a whole lot to love this Valentine’s Day.” 

To celebrate the launch of this new flavor, Whipshots has partnered with Museum of Ice Cream. Starting Friday, Feb. 9, all three locations in Austin, Chicago and New York will offer two new signature Whipshots cocktails — the “WhipShake Milkshake” and “The Diamond. Customers can also use the vodka-infused whipped cream as a boozy ice cream and milkshake topper.

“We are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance visitors’ experience at Museum of Ice Cream and create unforgettable moments for them.” Erin Levzow, Chief Marketing Officer at Museum of Ice Cream added to the release. “This collaboration promises to infuse our locations with a burst of creativity, allowing guests to immerse themselves in exclusive, tasty drinks co-crafted with Whipshots and Cardi B, ensuring a truly enjoyable and unique experience for everyone who walks through our doors.” 

Cardi B previously introduced limited-edition cans for other seasons. These flavors included lime for the summer, pumpkin spice for the fall, and peppermint for the holidays.