Cardi B Claps Back At Joe Budden’s ‘Bongos’ Criticism: ‘He Has An Issue With Me’

Cardi B clapped back at Joe Budden following his criticism on her and Megan Thee Stallion‘s new collaborative single, “Bongos.”

During an Instagram Live session yesterday (Sept. 13), the Bronx rapper said she feels like there’s more to the reason behind his harsh comments. “I just feel like he has an issue with me,” she began. “And it was beyond the critique of ‘Bongos’ — it’s just you inviting bitches who said the rudest, nastiest shit … when Mal and Rory say f**k s**t about you, you get so defensive and you want to clear it up.” Cardi continued, “You came at Taxstone because Taxstone said something about you. You expect people to understand you and you expect people to take your side.”

As previously reported by HOT 97, the “Pump It Up” hitmaker offered his critique on the song during a recent episode of “The Joe Burden Podcast.” “Remember, I said all the top, top, top, top, artists make songs like a science project? That’s what this sounds like,” he said. “This beat is undeniable because it’s already worked. We gonna put two of our biggest women rappers on it, talking they normal shit, but I don’t think this song is gonna work at all.”

“I hate the song. It’s not better than any of the songs like it. ‘WAP,’ ‘Up,’ it’s not better than Cardi B [features]. This is Cardi getting ready to follow-up her debut album… They not gonna spend the money to keep this rolling into the fourth and first quarter,” Budden continued. “The music business is reactionary. They’re gonna wait to see what the research is on this song… This record don’t seem like it has lasting power… There’s nothing in it to make it stay.”

The retired rapper added, “The hook is not hookin’ for me. There’s nothin’ in it to make it stay, one,” he explained at the one-hour and 36 minute-mark below. “And two…this commercialized ratchet has passed, it’s ghetto ratchet time. And neither one of them are ghetto ratchet on this song… We need a ‘Bodak Yellow’ now. This sounds like two women who can’t make a song. I don’t see it.”