Cardi B Criticized for Met Gala Dress Designer Remark

Cardi B
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 06: Cardi B attends Cardi B’s Gala After Party with Revolve And FWRD At Silencio on May 06, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Revolve & FWRD)

Cardi B made waves at the 2024 Met Gala with her stunning appearance, but a slip-up during a red carpet interview sparked controversy. Speaking with Emma Chamberlain for Vogue, Cardi seemed uncertain about her dress designer, vaguely referring to them as “Asian.” When pressed by Chamberlain, Cardi reiterated her satisfaction with the dress but failed to mention the designer’s name explicitly.

The Grammy winner’s eye-catching gown, crafted by Chinese label Windowsen, garnered attention for its intricate design, featuring nearly 3000 meters of organza symbolizing garden soil. Despite the elaborate creation, Cardi’s omission of the designer’s name disappointed fans, prompting criticism online. Some expressed concern that Cardi’s oversight might impact the recognition and future collaborations for Windowsen, while others viewed it as a slight towards the designer’s identity and talent.

Amidst the backlash, one voice offered reassurance to Windowsen, highlighting the newfound visibility brought by Cardi’s Met Gala appearance. Despite the slip-up, the attention garnered by the designer’s work was undeniable, signaling potential opportunities for growth and recognition in the fashion industry.

Cardi’s last appearance at the Met Gala was in 2023, where she made a memorable statement by donning four striking outfits throughout the event and its afterparty. Prior to the gala, Cardi stepped out of her hotel adorned in a dazzling pink dress paired with a whimsical tulle headpiece. Later, she switched to a silver wig and a bold black headband, cleverly paying homage to both Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, in line with the gala’s theme, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.”