Cardi B Gives An Update On Her Sophomore Album + Says She Won’t Follow Trends

Cardi B wearing black and white

(Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Cardi B fans are patiently waiting for the release of her second album. 

The album called, Tiger Woods is set to be released next year but many are questioning if it can keep up with her debut album, Invasion of Privacy

In a recent interview with Billboard, Cardi told the magazine that she will make this album because she wants to and not follow the trends.

“There’s certain music that I want to do. But I feel like, ‘Is people interested in that?’, I feel like it’s more like a twerk sound going on right now. It’s just like, ‘Should I just do my music around that?’ But I cannot just go with what’s hot. I still gotta go with what I want to do.”

Are you ready for Cardi’s second album?