Cardi B Goes OFF On Offset In Emotional Rant: ‘You’ve Really Been Doing Me Dirty For So Many Years’

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In an emotional rant, Cardi B. gets some things off her chest about her husband, Offset.

We previously reported that Cardi revealed she and Offset have called it quits.

While on Instagram live, Cardi opens up about the stat of her relationship with Offset. “I’ve been single for a minute now. I just [didn’t] know how to tell the world,” Cardi expresses.

“I want to start 2024 fresh and open. I’m curious for a new life. I’m curious for a new beginning. I’m excited, new look, new life, new everything.”

Things don’t seem to be progressing as in another Instagram live chat, Cardi calls Offset out for “doing [her] dirty for so many year.” She expresses, “you really been f–king feeling yourself, you b*tch a*s n—a, with your b*tch a*s album and s––t, and you’ve really been f–king doing me dirty after so many f–king years that I motherf–king helped your a*s, not even a f–king thank you did I get from your bitch ass!” she says while seemingly crying.

She also tweeted, “@OffsetYRN you a bitch ass n––a …and trust me imma f–kin take it there !” As well as, “@OffsetYRN you a bitch ass n––a …and trust me imma f–kin take it there !” she tweeted on Friday.

Offset has yet to respond.