Cardi B Has Had ‘Enough,’ In Visual For New Single

Cardi B is back and with a bang. The Bronx-bred rapper recently released the official music video for her latest single, “Enough(Miami).”

The mother of two raps fiercely about her frustration with peers and internet trolls while showing off her tempting figure. “Me verse you and you know who they pickin’/ Cheap and expensive, you knowin’ the difference/ You know that it’s hittin’, you know what it’s givin’/Hair, nails, polar bear/ I can survive in the coldest conditions.”

Not only that, but Cardi B has also treated her fans with another recent release with the “Like What(Freestyle),” accompanied by a music video. The pair of songs are expected to appear on her highly-anticipated sophomore album. Her debut album, Invasion Of Privacy, was released in April 2018.

Check out the video for “Enough(Miami)” below.