Cardi B Reacts To Body-Shamming Comments

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Cardi B are unbothered by the body-shamming criticism.

While on Instagram live, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper responded to the comments regarding her weight by enjoying a short stack of pancakes. The comments seemingly stemmed from Cardi’s performance at Dari’s nightclub in Las Vegas on  May 25, where the rapper wore a leopard-print bodysuit.

She does go on to say that due to a nasty stomach bug she lost almost 10 lbs. She went from 137 to 130 in two weeks. “I wasn’t able to eat or take food down, So, until I gain weight back, I’m not going out because I do not like how my body looks.”

She continued: “I look too f**king skinny. When I look too skinny, I don’t feel like pants look good on me or skirts. Small little dresses look good on me.”

“I don’t like being too skinny,” she reiterated.”I need to eat and I need that d**k.”

“Cause, you know, d**k helps you gain wait. It’s just a science, you know what I’m saying? It’s a f**king science.”

There’s no word if Cardi and her husband, Offset, are back together. We previously reported that the two had decided to call it quits. However- they were spotted together on Valentine’s Day.

“Was I clubbing with my baby father yesterday?” Cardi previously said on Instagram live. “Yes. Did I got d**ked down yesterday? Absolutely, baby,’ she revealed during a live X chat on January 1.”

She continued: “I need some d**k on New Year’s Eve. I feel like we was vibing yesterday. We had a good time.”