Cardi B. Responds After Social Media User Body Shames Her After Video In The Gym Goes Viral

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Cardi B. claps back at a fan who body shamed her after a video of her in the gym goes viral.

A video of Cardi B. showing off her curves at the gym has gone viral and has been the topic of many discussions on social media. One fan expressed, “I hate influencers who do this get all the surgery acting like they really be in the gym when really if they gain more weight, they will just get surgery again smh..”

Cardi B caught wind of the comment and had a reply of her own. “How vocal have I been about my procedures??? The thing is I don’t gain weight much, so I’m trying to gain MUSCLE cuz it’s hard for me to maintain fat” she explained.

Cardi continues, “also there’s this thing called visceral fat…It’s fat that grows under the muscle, and you can’t lipo it, the only thing you can do is work it out! THAT’S WHY YOU SEE POUCHES ON LIPO GIRLS. YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN IT!”

This isn’t the first time Cardi has spoken up about plastic surgery. During an interview with Jason Lee, Cardi explained, “people be assuming that when you do surgery or something, your insecure about yourself, or you hate yourself,” Cardi said. “And that’s just not the truth. I just be feeling like, if I want to correct something, I want to do a little something, something, I don’t give a f**k. I’m going to do it.”