Cardi B Spends NYE With Offset; Reveals They Slept Together

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Cardi B says she and Offset are working it out.

We previously reported that Cardi revealed she and Offset have called it quits.

While on Instagram live, Cardi opens up about the status of her relationship with Offset. “I’ve been single for a minute now. I just [didn’t] know how to tell the world,” Cardi expresses.

“I want to start 2024 fresh and open. I’m curious for a new life. I’m curious for a new beginning. I’m excited, new look, new life, new everything.”

It looks like the new beginning could be with the couple working out their differences. Although they aren’t officially back together, the two did spring New Year’s Eve together. “Did I get d*cked down yesterday? Absolutely,” Cardi revealed while on Twitter space.

She also revealed that the two have reportedly went to therapy and are both working on some things. Listen below.