Cardi B Turns Up The Heat With Cover Art For New Single, ‘Enough (Miami)’

Cardi B decided to bear it all on her cover art for her upcoming single, “Enough (Miami).”

The Bronx rapper took to Instagram to share the news. She is pictured looking more stunning than ever as she sensually poses nude on a white satin bed, with long black tresses cascading across her body. The track is expected to be released on Friday (March 15).

The mother of two also shared a snippet of the song. “I could survive in the coldest conditions/ B**ches is washed, soap in the dishes/ I apply pressure like boa constrictors,” she raps. “One b*tch, two b*tch, old b**ch, new b*tch/ None of y’all b*tches not gon’ do sh*t/I’m in Miami, I pull up on cruise ships/ You in Miami, four h**s to a room sh*t.”

This new single would serve as a follow-up to her “Like What (Freestyle),” which was dropped off earlier this month. Both tracks are expected to appear on Cardi’s highly-anticipated sophomore album.