Casanova Speaks Out After 15 YR Prison Sentence, Cam’Ron Fires Back At Pusha T Amid Jim Jones Beef

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The Wrap Up with L’Orèal Luchi, keeping you informed on everything that happened in hip hop culture this week:

Cam’Ron x Jim Jones x Pusha T:

Cam’Ron steps in amid the Jim Jones and Pusha T beef. Last week, during Pharrell’s debut LV men’s line in Paris, Pusha T performed a new Clipse song, taking shots at Jim. Jim fired a diss freestyle. Then Jim had more to say while speaking on Joe Budden’s podcast. Fellow Dipset rapper, Cam’Ron has a few words for Push. 

Nicki Minaj x Carlisha Hood:

Nicki Minaj commended Carlisha Hood’s 14-year-old son, who fatally shot a man repeatedly hitting his mother in the head. The incident happened at a restaurant in Chicago. Initially, the mother and son were charged with first-degree murder, but then, the charges were dropped. Nicki Minaj called her son a “hero.” See Nicki’s full message:

Rakim x Big Daddy Kane:

Legendary emcees Rakim and Big Daddy Kan are among the highlights of Lincoln Center’s 50th Hip-Hop Anniversary celebration. The free show goes down on August 9 at Damrosch Park.

Jonathan Majors:

Jonathan Majors is firing back in court against his accuser. An incident back in March with Jonathan and his ex-GF resulted in his domestic violence arrest. Jonathan’s lawyers say they have proof showing their client is innocent. Jonathan filed his own domestic violence complaint against the alleged victim. 


Casanova was hit with a nearly 16-year sentence on racketeering and drug charges, plus his alleged leadership role in the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang. A report surfaced that after Casanova announced he was cutting ties with the gang, he was involved in a prison fight where his face got slashed. His longtime GF, Swaggy Jazzy debunked “buck 50” rumors and showed new prison photos. Casanova also spoke out.

Beyoncé x Kelly Rowland:

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland team up to combat the housing crisis in Houston. The two queens are collaborating with city officials to create 31 permanent housing units, called the Knowles-Rowland House. An even bigger launch of the housing program is set to happen soon.