CDC Reduced Isolation Time From 10 To 5 Days For COVID-19

Photo credit – Shutterstock

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines for COVID.

If an individual tested positive for COVID and had no symptoms, the isolation period is reduced from 10 days to five. The CDC also recommends people to still wear a mask around others for five more days.

In addition, people whose symptoms are getting better can leave their homes after five days, only if their symptoms are improving. The CDC added that people who have a fever should stay home until the fever clears up.

The CDC also shortened the recommended time for people to quarantine if they are exposed to the virus. If someone is vaccinated, they can quarantine for five days. Fully vaccinated and boosted individuals may not have to quarantine at all. According to the CDC,

“Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation from 10 days for people with COVID-19 to five days, if asymptomatic, followed by five days of wearing a mask when around others.”