Celebrities Voice Their Opinions On 6ix9ine Trial [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Tekashi 6IX9INE performs at Made in America Music Festival on September 1

Photo credit – Arik McArthur/FilmMagic/GettyImages


Since Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 69 emerged on the music scene this year, he’s been the topic of conversation! If someone isn’t talking about his latest troll move, they’re playing his latest billboard hit.

6ix9ine recently got locked up, along with other members from his former crew, and is facing 35 years for racketeering and gang-related charges. Prior to his arrest, he separated himself from his “team” because he suspected people were stealing money from him. Now that majority of the gang is behind bars, things have gotten REAL!

Celebs like Fat Joe say that they warned Tekashi 69 of his wild behavior but unfortunately, he didn’t listen. 6ix9ine’s trial date is set for September 2019 but a lot of people have been offering advice for the “Dummy Boy” rapper.

In an interview Fat Joe did 9-months ago, he tried to warn Tekashi about how he was moving. Check out the video:


Meek Mill believes that Tekashi is a “good kid.” 


Casanova posted on IG his reflections from when they squashed their beef. He ultimately wishes the best for 6ix9ine. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqkamaFBwme/

Lil baby sat with Nessa and spoke about Tekashi’s situation and said he hasn’t spoken to him since he’s been locked up. He also said he would rather talk to him when he gets out because phone calls are recorded in jail. Check out the interview: