Chance The Rapper’s Wife Seemingly Speaks Out Following Viral Dancing Video

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Chance The Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett, seemingly responds to viral video of Chance dancing with a woman during Carnival.

The video began to circulate online after fans debated if it was inappropriate for a married man to dance in that manner. “If that was Chance The Rapper’s wife doing the dancing at carnival, there would be no debating going on. Just men in unison agreeing that this is why they don’t trust women..” commented a Twitter user. Some fans argued that dancing is just a part of the Carnival experience. “I can’t believe there’s actual discourse around Chance the rapper dancing at Carnival, but I can believe it because Twitter. Folks have been told multiple times that dancing at carnival isn’t viewed as sexual or suggestive and yet…” commented another.

Chance’s wife, Kirsten, seemingly responded to the viral video. She shares a message from Maya Angelou which read, “wherever I go, grace will beat me to it, meet me in it, turn it around, and make it a miracle,” the IG Story read. Before that came a screenshot post of the Angelou quote, and she wrote “I hope one day, we all choose to grow up” as the caption. “Oh my God, I’ve lived a very simple life!” the paragraph begins. “You can say, Oh yes, at thirteen this happened to me and at fourteen… But those are facts. But the facts can obscure the truth, what it really felt like. Every human being has paid the earth to grow up.”

Chance has yet to respond to the controversy.