Charleston White Mocks Gillie Da Kid’s Late Son in Disgusting Rant

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Charleston White has crossed the line, mocking the death of Gillie Da Kid‘s son, YNG Cheese, in a ruthless rant.

Turning to Instagram on Monday (March 25), White demonstrated his willingness to resort to low blows in his pursuit of revenge.

“I see @gilliedaking got smoke in his chest!” the shock jock wrote on Instagram, seemingly in response to a DM in which the Million Dollaz Worth of Game host called him a “rat.”

“May his son rest in piss and the killer be forgiven by God and live a long life of redemption! Remember how your son died, you was begging for a snitch to help solve his crime! He wrote this to the author @iamwokeseed of my children’s book!”

For over an hour, White launched a barrage of attacks against the former rapper in a series of video clips, including one that callously played light of his grieving, alongside Wallo (Gillie’s co-host).

“You got a dead son and you talking about snitching, n-gga,” said White. “Pow! That n-gga shot your motherfucking son in the head, boy unalive. Pow! God damnit, Young Gillie been shot! I remember how you and Wallo was crying? You and Wallo was crying, ‘Oh, my son! My son got killed.’ You was crying. Now you talking ‘bout snitching. You God damn right I’m a law-abiding citizen. That’s why your son unalive.”

“@gilliedaking You still talking street after they un-alived Jr? [laughing face emoji] I’m a little bit disappointed in you sir,” he captioned the post.

“This is going to get extremely disrespectful!” White captioned yet another video clip in which he continued to taunt Gillie, as he called his son. “I’ve been waiting for a good celebrity beef!!! I ain’t never liked this goof ball ass weenie.”

Last summer, Gillie Da Kid‘s son Cheese was reportedly killed in a triple shooting in Philadelphia.

NBC10 Philadelphia reported that the shooting occurred on Thursday night (July 20, 2023) at 8:24 p.m. in the Olney neighborhood, specifically on the 5800 block of Mascher Street.

A 25-year-old man was fatally shot in the back and pronounced dead at the hospital at 8:39 p.m. Two others, aged 28 and 31, sustained gunshot wounds but are in stable condition. Police found 10 shell casings at the scene, and no arrests were made nor weapons recovered, at the time.