Charleston White Claims He Reported Boosie Badazz To FBI

Charleston White, known for his outspoken nature, has stirred up controversy yet again, this time involving rapper Boosie Badazz.

In a recent Instagram post, White claimed to have contacted the FBI regarding alleged threats made by Boosie Badazz against him. However, White provided no concrete evidence to substantiate his claims.

On Instagram, White posted, “So Lil Boosie making threats? I’ve already contacted law enforcement concerning these possible threats against my life.” Despite the bold assertion, White failed to provide any proof of the purported threats made by Boosie Badazz.

Adding to the intrigue, White shared screenshots of text messages in which he claimed to have witnesses to Boosie allegedly threatening his life. These screenshots, however, offered little clarity or substantiation to support White’s claims.

In a video accompanying his Instagram post, White further elaborated on the situation, alleging that Boosie Badazz had made threats to a promoter. According to White, he possesses a recorded phone conversation with witnesses attesting to the promoter’s fear for his safety. White asserted that the promoter felt compelled to relocate to Baton Rouge due to fears that Boosie would send individuals to harm him.

In the video, White didn’t make the call as he claimed, leaving uncertainty about whether he followed through with his intended action. However, online commentators wasted no time in condemning him as a “rat” and “snitch” for openly expressing his willingness to involve law enforcement.

Previously, Charleston White made headlines for getting Boosie’s son, Tootie Raw, arrested at last year’s SXSW event. He alerted Austin Police about the 19-year-old’s alleged possession of drugs.

Additionally, White didn’t hesitate to mock Boosie about his health issues, suggesting that his public persona as a gangsta would eventually decline due to health problems like diabetes.