Charleston White Taunts King Von’s Mom With Lul Timm Photo + Message

Charleston White, a viral comedian from Dallas, Texas, has once again stirred controversy by posting a photo with Lul Timm, the man alleged to have killed rapper King Von

King Von passed away in November 2020 in Atlanta during a clash between rival recording artist Quando Rondo and his entourage. Lul Timm, reportedly associated with Rondo, is accused of shooting and killing Von. Charges against Lul Timm were dismissed in August 2023.

On Tuesday (June 11), the provocative images addressed to King Von’s mother and sister in the captions were shared on White’s Instagram account. In the first photo of White and Lul Timm together, the caption read: “I shook the hand that pulled the trigger to k*ll King Von! I love this little N*gga.”

In a follow-up post including the same photo, Charleston White addressed King Von’s mother, he wrote, “I actually met this GREAT YOUNG KING and shook the legendary hand that pulled the trigger to slump and hump King Von! My life has been blessed with abundance ever since that day I connected with the Spirit of God’s Angel, aka ‘The Demon Slayer.’” 

He continued: “I love and honor this YOUNG MAN RIGHT HERE! He’s a HERO to our community! WE SMOKING ON THAT VON PACK TONIGHT, THANK GOD FOR @lul_timm3.”

White tirade didn’t end there. In a separate post, he addressed King Von’s sister. The lengthy caption reads, “Dear King Von sister, I want to kindly remind you that your tough a** de*d brother was slumped at a club in Atlanta, Georgia for trying to fight a little skinny n*gga! I’m sure you don’t want join the hump in the ground gang for thinking you’re tough too! I also want to remind you that I embrace your brother K*ller with love, admiration, and appreciation for k*lling your brother! No love, Unc.”

Fans immediately tagged King Von’s longtime friend and hip-hop superstar, Lil Durk, in the comment section of White’s posts. Unbothered, White responded to the comments with disparaging remarks about Durk, calling him a “dopefiend in rehab.”

Lil Durk recently revealed to TMZ last week that he attended a drug rehab program to address his drug abuse. Durk also shared plans to help reduce gun violence in Chicago.

White’s posts are allegedly a result of King Von’s sister discussing White’s presence in Chicago on Tuesday. There have been strong reactions to Charleston White’s actions and comments, particularly from the hip-hop community and King Von’s fans.