Childish Gambino To Kid Cudi: “I’m Not Here For The Beef”

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Childish Gambino addresses Kid Cudi’s recent comments during his Instagram Live, expressing his desire to avoid any beef and inviting Cudi to contact him to resolve any issues. 

On Sunday’s GILGA Radio, Gambino told Kid Cudi through the live stream audience, “Kid Cudi, if you got a problem, I’m not here for the beef. Just talk to me. Actually, talk to people.”

Gambino emphasized that disagreements are allowed, but life is too short for animosity. 

He continued: “We don’t have to agree on everything, but we also don’t have to be like, ‘Yeah, when I see you, we have to wanna kill each other.’ It’s like, I don’t — man, life is too short.”

In February, a fan asked Kid Cudi about possibly collaborating with another rapper/actor, but he replied with an “I’m cool” response. The reason behind their beef is unknown.

In 2013, Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino teased unreleased music together. An unofficial collaboration, “Warlords,” has surfaced online recently. Since then, both have released albums: Gambinor’s Awaken My Love in 2016 and Cudi’s latest Insano.

On GILGA Radio, Gambino, also known as the actor Donald Glover, announced that he will release an updated version of his 2020 LP 3.15.20, Atavista. The recording artist’s initial album was an experimental and untraditional release. 

“Yeah, I took that approach because I guess that’s what I was going through,” Glover told Complex in 2020. “People are always going to want what they want, but I have to express what I’m going through. I had just lost my father, I had just had a kid, and I was going through a lot. I was having a lot of different new experiences and that’s what I expressed.”

He’s also working on a film called Bando Stone & The New World, for which he will release the final album under his Childish Gambino.

Kid Cudi hits the road this Summer.