Chilli Makes Relationship With Former Child Actor Instagram Official

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It looks like Chilli and Matthew Lawrence make their relationship Instagram official.

Reports claim that Chilli makes it clear that she’s in an exclusive relationship with Lawrence. If you can remember, Matthew Lawrence starred in the hit show ‘Boy Meets World.’ He also is known for his work in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’, ‘The Hot Chick’ and more.

Chilli and Lawrence made their relationship social media official, as they spent the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together in Atlanta. Then is when Lawrence reportedly got a chance to meet Chilli’s family.

Fans flooded Chilli’s recent Instagram video with comments, as Chilli and her new beau danced to ‘Take On Me’ together. “Chili has a [hear] that can dance!!!! But most importantly your heart found it’s perfect match. Matthew is little sister/publicist/bodyguard approved!!! What a beautiful start to 2023!”