Chingy Reacts To Being Named On ’50 Worst Rappers’ List

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Chingy responds to being named of the ’50 worst rappers’ list.

During a recent interview with VladTV, rapper Chingy was asked if he’s seen the Twitter list and his thoughts on it. His named with the likes of Master P, Coi LeRay, Diddy, Waka Flocka and more.

Chingy says, “people kill me that have nothing to do….they sit around..somebody’s just writing down some names, ‘Oh these are the 50 worst rappers….’  To me, it’s invalid because it’s subjective…When you go around, it’s seven billion people in this existence. When you ask each one of these people ‘well who’s your favorite rapper, who’s your favorite rapper who you like?’ You’re probably gonna get a different answer.”

He continued, “I’ve sold over 50 million records worldwide. I still have success, its people that love me. If you go ask these people they say ‘we love Chingy yeah I love Chingy he’s one of my favorite artists.’ I had somebody tell me this the other day, so how am I one of the worst rappers if everybody in this existence not saying, ‘oh that dude Can’t rap, he’s the worst.’ That means you not the worst. If everybody not saying it, you’re not the worst so that list is absurd and it needs to be done away with. Somebody got too much time on their hands.”

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