Chloe Bailey On Criticism, Reading Comments + Dating Dos & Don’ts

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Chloe Bailey sat down with Ness Nitty for Nessa On Air, here are 10 things we learned:

1.In the “Treat Me” single, Chloe’s team used the Bubba Sparxxx sample (“Ms. New Booty”) because the song sounded too pop without it. The single arrived after a breakup. The video was a seven-hour shoot. Her favorite scene was with the leopard, and she was NOT scared. In the honey scene, it wasn’t as messy as it looked, versus the table scene, she cut her leg on glass. 

2. Chloe revealed she’s critical of herself, but people are critical of her. She doesn’t mind criticism, takes it as a good thing, and says she can’t please everyone. 

3. On hard days, Chloe runs to her family. Her favorite people to call or talk to are her Godmother and god brother, plus her sister, Halle, and her brother. She misses being with her sister, and they spend time whenever they can. 

4. Chloe got personal and revealed she’s on a journey to be comfortable in solitude. She admitted she finds validation in her work, so she has to learn how to “be okay with the quiet moments in between,” the “Do It” singer said. Chloe said she’s not there yet, but that’s what she’s facing now. Chloe also said that in her mind, she’d look forward to a goal and thinks it’ll bring her happiness, but when she achieves it, she’s still not happy. 

5. To relieve stress, Chloe enjoys boxing and says it’s therapeutic for her. She also enjoys playing with legos and said Alicia Keys has the same passion and saw her “lego room.”

6. Chloe shared her do’s and don’t when dating. He would have to be funny, hold a conversation, cuddle, and her family has to like them. She hates cockiness (confidence is sexy) and men who put others down to big themselves up. She also doesn’t want someone who plays games. 

7. Chloe believes whoever asked the person on the date should take care of the bill. She would pay after a few dates, however. 

8. What can fans expect from her upcoming album? Chloe says the songs are from personal experiences. When writing the album, she said she was at a low point in life and trying to find herself. In addition, she didn’t appreciate and value the person she was at the time and wasn’t proud of herself. The album will be about heartbreak from relationships and family, but also a side of sexy and confidence. 

She’s starring in a movie called Praise This. Chloe said she was – more excited than nervous because the film consisted of music and dancing. She was casted at three years old for Fighting Temptations and played the role of younger Lilly (Beyoncé’s character). 

Chloe wants her legacy to be known as a genuine person and an incredible entertainer. 

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