Chloe Bailey Poses In Completely See-Through Lingerie, Shows Off Her Curves

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Chloe Bailey is shutting down the ‘gram.

The songstress shared a new set of pictures showing off her curvy physique. “Brown sugar babe” she captions the photos as she poses in a fully see-through brown bodysuit. “You are a BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS AND LOVELY YOUNG WOMAN” comments one fan on Instagram.

During a previous interview with Essence Magazine, Bailey opens up about her confidence. “That’s what I’m striving to be, if I’m 100 percent honest,” she says— “as much as people think I’m so confident, 80 percent of the time I feel the complete opposite of that,” she admits. “That’s why I put so much of myself into my music. That’s where I feel like myself and where I belong in this life—whenever I’m onstage. The girl I see and I watch sing back, she intimidates me. I’m like, Who the hell is that?

“Back then, our look was very Atlanta, very Southern coun- try and very Siamese twins,” Chlöe jokes. “I look back at photos and videos and cringe. It’s so fun to see the evolution and how we were once just like, ‘Okay, as long as it’s color coordinated and we have matching things, then we’re good.’”