Chlöe Bailey Reveals Michael B. Jordan Is Her Celebrity Crush

Chlöe Bailey has revealed her celebrity crush to be Michael B. Jordan.

During a recent appearance on Apple Music’s “The Dotty Show,” the “How Does It Feel” singer couldn’t stop blushing when speaking about the Black Panther star. “I’ll say it. Michael B. Jordan is my celebrity crush,” Bailey admitted. “I’ve been said that in interviews, even like, years ago.”

“But have you told him?,” British host and rapper Amplify Dot asked her, to which she replied, “No… I don’t shoot my shot.” Amplify Dot then told the Atlanta native that she should “DM” Jordan “right now” or else she could be blocking her blessings. “I’m big on blessings, but I’m like God will bring my blessings to me when they’re supposed to be here,” Bailey added. “But, when we try to force it, we could block other blessings.”

“What is it about Michael B. Jordan?,” the host continued to ask. The Swarm actress then laughed as she put her head down. “Wow look at you blushing like he’s in the room,” Amplify Dot added while Bailey continued to laugh. “That’s crazy, just from thinking about him. That’s crazy.” Check out the clip below.