Chloe Bailey Speaks On Comparisons To Sister Halle, Says It’s ‘Shallow’ And ‘Disturbing’

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

Chloe is not here for social media comparing her and her sister Halle Bailey.

During a recent interview with In The Know, Chloe talks about entering the music industry and if she faced any struggles at the start of her career.

“There were no downsides on our side. But I will tell you what annoys me a lot,” she said. “I hate when people online constantly try to compare my sister and I. It is the most shallow, most disturbing thing. It was very off-putting to know how people would try to put two young Black sisters who love their craft so much and love each other so much, how they try to pit them against each other just because they’re different in some ways. So that’s the only downside.”

She also talked about how people perceived her online and criticized her for being “too sexy.”

“When I am in my bedroom with the lights dimmed off, with my colored lights on, and I’m dancing my heart out, I am moving just as sexy for myself [as I do on stage],”said Chloe. “Self-love isn’t just about looking inside the mirror and saying, ‘You’re beautiful; you got this.’ You gotta feel it. You gotta feel it in every part of your body. You gotta be comfortable. You can’t just say it, because if you say it and don’t believe it, is it really true?

“We can love ourselves as much as we want to love someone else. In most relationships, you express love through sex. Why can’t you do that with yourself and love yourself? Why can’t you be sexy for yourself? Why is it only okay when you’re sexy for another person that you’re in a relationship with? Be in a relationship with yourself. That’s what self-love is.”

Watch the interview below.