Chris Brown Slapped With Criminal Charges Over Pet Monkey [PHOTO + VIDEO]

Singer Chris Brown performs on stage at The Big Show at Little Caesars Arena on December 28

Photo credit – Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images


Chris Brown could spend time behind bars over his baby capuchin monkey named Fiji. Breezy caught heat for last year for posting a video of his 4-year-old daughter Royalty playing with the exotic animal. Here’s the video to refresh your memory:


Since Chris Brown doesn’t have a proper permit, an investigation was launched by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Many people online were scared for his daughter’s safety, due to the fact wild animals are not meant to be kept in the home. People were reminded of the story of the woman who was attacked by a chimp. Her story made national headlines and she was featured on Oprah. Check out the clip:


TMZ reports that since Breezy didn’t have a permit, authorities had a search warrant and planned on raiding his home. Chris agreed to surrender Fiji and is due in court on February 6. 

Aside from the monkey business, Chris and Royalty had a happy holiday! Check it out: