Chris Browns Alleged Rape Accuser Speaks Out [PHOTO]

Chris Brown performs during Demi Lovato 'Tell Me You Love Me' World Tour at The Forum on March 2

Photo credit – Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Philymack/Getty Images


Chris Brown was reportedly arrested and detained in Paris for an alleged rape charge earlier this week. Shortly after the claims, Breezy was released and he expressed how he felt about the false claims online.

In an IG post, he wrote that his accuser was lying! He is reportedly going to sue for defamation. Well, the alleged accuser is finally speaking out, and its unclear if SHE is the woman Chris Brown plans on suing. 

According to a woman who goes by the name of Kim, she claims that someone else made the false accusations of her getting raped, but blogs and news outlets are saying that it was her. She says that she ISN’T the accuser and is just a “normal” 24-year-old. She claims that on the night she was with Chris Brown “nothing happens to her.” Check out her post below:…