Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Requests 18k in Child Support, Fears for Daughter’s Safety

Chris Brown  and his daughter Royalty attend the Premiere Of Riveting Entertainment's "Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life"

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Leibson/Getty

Chris Brown’s baby mother, Nia Guzman is looking for a raise in child support claiming that the increase will be to “protect” their daughter Royalty “from CB fans who try and take photographs” of her.


Guzman claims that Royalty is “trapped in my apartment. She can’t go outside,” and “there’s a whole bunch of weirdos,” including “People taking pictures from balconies.”


She also mentioned that Chris Brown has had multiple “break-ins at his homes,” and frequently has “fans sit out in front of his home”, insinuating that the incidents occur at her home because as well because people want to get close to Chris through his daughter.


Beside the claims that Royalty’s protection is in jeopardy, Guzman is not too happy about Chris Brown’s current required child support pay of a mere $2,500 a month for Royalty and $4,000 for a caretaker.


Guzman is overwhelmed with bills ranging from $3,300 in rent, $3,500 for food and $4,500 for clothes and entertainment for Royalty.


She is obviously struggling because she has even accepted a $20,000 “gift” from Floyd Mayweather to start a small business to try and make ends meet in the past.


According to Guzman, Brown made $4,269,067 in the past two years. If this is true, Chris may be required to pay $21,000 a month for child support . However, it is all up for the judge decide.