Chrisean Rock Alleges Blueface Assaulted Her, Shows Bloody Face 

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This is really sad and toxic. 

The on/off couple, Blueface and Chrisean, are dealing with another public feud. Chrisean shared a graphic video claiming Blueface assaulted her after she was texting another man. 

The video is highly graphic, take a look: 

Here’s another clip:

A few weeks ago, Chrisean reportedly got her seventh tattoo of Blueface, although she declared herself “single,” after he was caught kissing another woman. In August, Chrisean told the world she and Blue were official, but shortly after, they got into a series of public fights. 

As of now, Blueface hasn’t been charged and he hasn’t spoken out on the matter. Story developing, we’ll keep you updated as more details become available.