Chrisean Rock Gets Huge Blueface Tattoo On Her Face, Says She Doesn’t Need To Be ‘Saved’

Chrisean Rock is showing off her new Blueface tattoo.

The reality star has gotten a new face tattoo, and it has the internet buzzing. “I really pray this is fake,” one fan writes. “You ruined your face girl,” another says.

While on Instagram live, Chrisean Rock addressed some of fans concerns. She said she doesn’t need to be “saved” and that she and Blueface have decided to give love another try. She goes on to say that they are exclusively dating while Blueface is currently behind bars. 

Many fans assumed the new face tatt is fake, but Rock does shut down those allegations. She says “it’s not fake, I don’t know why y’all thinks it’s fake. I just got it done at a professional place..”

Take a look below.

We previously reported that Chrisean explained why she simply can’t move on from the “Thotianna” rapper. “The week before the n**ga was locked up, we had so much f**king fun together. That shit was so fun. It’s, like, best friend type vibes. Nobody else can understand but us type s**t,” she explained.

“I thought when he went to jail, I was just going to be like, ‘Alright, cool, great.’ But then, I ain’t going to hold you… you see how I try [to] move on and s**t,” Chrisean continued. “One thing about it is… I don’t want to talk up too bad on what happened. Long story short, you know how you just fall back? He changed in two seconds. Hell yeah, huh? On God, huh?”