Chuck D Blasts 40+ Rappers’ Negativity

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In today’s hip-hop, Public Enemy’s Chuck D calls out older rappers for spreading negativity.

For decades, the 63-year-old icon has been one of hip-hop’s most vocal advocates for empowerment and positive messaging. His incisive lyrics set the benchmark for socially conscious rap, and this commitment has remained unwavering throughout his solo career.

In a recent Twitter thread, Chuck D expressed frustration with “immature veterans.” He did not hold back his critique. He explained: 

“If you are over 40 and spitting meaningless dark energy in rap, you need to reconsider the hip-hop foundation that gave you this platform.”

“I didn’t say cease and desist,” he clarified. “I said think. A mind over 40 should have a better ability to understand self and surroundings. The ‘green’ days are greying.” 

While Chuck D condemns injustice, he is equally critical of veteran rappers who propagate negativity within the music industry, particularly if they are old enough to know better.

This is not the first time Chuck D has voiced concerns about the state of the genre. In April, he criticized the culture of rap beef, calling it a harmful practice that should be abandoned. 

“Rap and Hip-Hop didn’t originate from battle culture,” he tweeted. “It started from party and dance culture. The battle diss was a mutation that turned malignant in the 90s due to ignorance.”

Chuck D leads by example. As Public Enemy, he released some of the most impactful songs in hip-hop history, such as “Fight The Power.”

Amid the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud, he proposed a more constructive approach: collaboration. He even suggested that Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole should tour together. “These three fantastic rappers have songs that deserve public attention,” he argued. “A tour featuring all of them would be far more impactful than petty feuds.”

Chuck D’s call for maturity and positive influence in hip-hop underscores his enduring commitment to the genre’s foundational values and his desire to see it evolve in a meaningful direction.