Ciara Defends Her Controversial See-Through Vanity Fair Party Dress

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Ciara recently made headlines for her bold red carpet look at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in March where she wore a completely see-through Dundas dress covered in crystals and layered over a matching thong.

When social media criticized her for the revealing outfit, calling her “tasteless,” “desperate” and “embarrassing” because she’s a wife and a mother of three, Ciara clapped back at the “selective outrage” by posting a hilarious TikTok of herself draped in a bed sheet titled “POV: How I’m Pulling up to Vanity Fair Next Year.” Until this day, the “Better Thangs” singer stands behind her decision to wear it.

In a new interview with LVR Magazine, Ciara explained that she immediately fell in love with the look when she saw it on Dundas’ fall 2023 runway. “I was fitted for the dress in Paris as I attended the Dundas show. Peter [Dundas] has been a close friend since we attended the Met Gala in 2021,” she said. “He knows me well, and he gets and knows the woman’s body.”

The Texas native continued, “I [loved] the concept with the black crystal versus white crystals; I loved the black sheer and combination of it all and seeing it on the runway. It’s a process of getting ready for the red carpet. I pay attention to every detail. I have an appreciation for the art of fashion and the vision of the artist who created the garment.”