Ciara’s Hooded Backless Gown With Her Side Boobs Out Goes Viral, Crowns Herself ‘The Villian’

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“C’mon baby, don’t play with it.”

Ciara is NOT playing! 

The singer went viral today (February 3) at the Black Music Collective event at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. The “Goodies” singer sported a hooded backless gown that revealed the sides of her boobs. 

In the Instagram Reel, Cici paid homage to Brooklyn’s rising stars, Lola Brooke and Billy B, on their collaboration for “Don’t Play Wit It.” In the caption, Ciara wrote, “the villain.” Take a look:

Celebrities like Lala Anthony chimed in; she wrote, “love this (multiple heart-eye emojis),” Normani said, “so beautiful,” and Ludacris commented with a bunch of fire flame emojis.

A fan wrote, “Villain. Hero. Main character. Plot. Allat,” another one called her, “muva,” and someone else wrote, “They really don’t give Ciara enough credit.”