City Girls Talk Motherhood, Break Up Rumors + JT Shares Nicki Minaj’s Advice

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Dive deep with Nessa in an intimate interview with the City Girls.

Yung Miami and JT open up about their latest album, RAW, discussing favoritetracks, the influence of samples, and the stories behind their music.They also share personal insights on motherhood, revealing the joys andchallenges of raising kids while navigating the world of fame.They also get candid on relationships and delve into the dynamics oftheir partnership, confronting breakup speculations, and hinting atpossible solo endeavors. JT shares her thoughts on a potential soloalbum, while Miami talks about her own solo projects.Amidst discussions on their impact on culture and standing strong asbosses in the industry, City Girls also reflect on the challengesthey’ve faced.

They talk about overcoming personal hardships, findingresilience, and what they want fans to take away from their music,especially from their latest release, Raw.Wrapping up the conversation, the pair engage in a light-hearteddiscussion about their personal lives, from cooking adventures towedding etiquette and Halloween costumes.

They also address common misconceptions about themselves, setting the record straight and leaving fans with a raw and honest insight into the world of City Girls.