Coi Leray Claims Major Music Labels Feed Off Female Rap Feuds

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After candidly reflecting on her rise to stardom and addressing the pressures she faced early in her career to mirror top pop stars, Coi Leray expresses her belief that major music labels profit from conflicts between female rappers, a phenomenon she believes occurs frequently in the industry.

Taking to to X (formerly Twitter) she wrote: “Idk if you ask me it seem like these labels are behind the female controversy,” she wrote. “They see it helps push the music , I wouldn’t be surprised if they the ones behind the fan pages.

“Most of these female rappers not even from the same places !!!! Not from the same hoods….why are we beefing?”

No stranger to rap feuds in general, Coi has sparred with the likes of Latto, Eminem, and even her father, Benzino.

On the music front, recalling guidance from her former label, Republic Records, Coi recently revealed she was nudged to embrace her inner pop diva, taking cues from the likes of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

“I’m not on Republic Records no more, I’m on Island [Records],” she said, during a livestream. “When I dropped Blue Moon, Republic — they wanted pop shit. They wanted some Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande shit, which I can do, but I still like to work on my own pace and my own time, and I’m still, like, developing and learning and my own sound and shit …

“The Blue Moon shit they didn’t like. I wouldn’t say that they didn’t like, but it was something that they felt they didn’t want to put no money into. So when I gotta come out my pocket and put my own money into my own music, you gotta make real-life decisions.”

Speaking of her versatility — her adeptness at singing, rapping, and varying her style — she acknowledged not all people like “every Coi in the pond.”