Coi Leray Responds To Latto’s Leaked Version Of ‘Blick Blick’

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in a recent interview with Billboard, Coi Leroy spoke about hearing Latto’s version to “Blick Blick” when it was leaked online.

“I had no clue that she cut that record.” the “Players” hitmaker started.

She also explained why allowing other writers into her creative process doesn’t bother her. “Because I don’t have to do nothing I don’t want to do. I kinda look at it like a collab. It’s like if Gucci or Moncler wanted me on the cover wearing their stuff, and I like the stuff, then if I don’t like it, I don’t have to wear it. It’s the same thing with that song.” Coi Leray said. “If you play me a song and I think I could kill that s**t. I’ma businesswoman — not only am I talented, I’m also about my business. If that s**t’s a smash and I’m like, ‘All right cool, let’s do it,’ I have the option to change whatever I want in the song. I have the options to tweak or do whatever. Once you give me the song, you can’t tell me what to do. You could give me advice and I’ma cut it.”

The New Jesery rapper continued, “Even when we did ‘Blick Blick,’ the hook was already cut and we did the verse together. That’s why the verses sound different. I heard Latto’s version and the verses sound different but the hook was there. A lot of great music hooks are written and I don’t know — it’s a formula. I’ve only been in the industry for four years, and now I’m at point where I feel like I’m breaking superstar status and I’m learning that formula. I’m gonna be at a point where I’m making those f**king songs for the biggest of the biggest just off the simple fact I learned the formula. I didn’t learn it on my own, I had to be in the studio with these other amazing creatives to be like, ‘Alright, this is how this works.’”

She added, “But if you put me in the studio with any one of these b**ches, I swear they’re not seeing me in any way. They’re not coming out with no hit. And I say that in the most humblest, friendliest, loving, and friendly competition way.”