Coi Leray Responds After Eminem Dissed On New Single

Eminem has some words for Benzino and his daughter, Coi Leray, on his new single “Doomsday Pt. 2.”

The longstanding fued between Eminem and Benzino started back in the mid ’00s. On the track the Detroit rapper raps, “Now I got a riddle, one condition, you mustn’t laugh/ What is the opposite of Benzino? A giraffe/ ‘Go at his neck,’ how the fuck is that?/ How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have?”

In reference to Benzino’s daughter, rapper Coi Leray, Eminem raps, “Well, I guess then I regret to inform you, hate to spoil the day, but this doesn’t bring me no joy to say, guess that Coi Leray feat’s in the toilet, aye?”

Coi Leray caught wind of the diss and responded via Twitter. “There’s no way I’m about to entertain these grown ass men and the beef they been having for over 20years . Lmao it’s so stupid all I can do is laugh. 2 decades later ??? gtfoh im grown. Move along. Go Stream my shit..” In another tweet she says, “Man who the hell said I wanted a Eminem feature ??  Imagine Eminem on Wanna Come thru?”